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Id115 Plus Hr Activity Tracker

The Plus is a Tracker that offers all the features of the watches but for hrs, the band is water resistant to help keep you feeling active no matter the weather.

Lintelek ID115 Plus Color HR Smart Band Wrist Fitness Tracker Black & Green

Id115 Plus Hr Activity Tracker Amazon

The Plus is a fitness Tracker that offers all the features of the activity Tracker - purple, it offers a sleek design, a backlight that. The Plus is a new Hr fitness Tracker with an interesting feature - it tracks activity and heart rate! This makes it an exceptional surrogate for people who itch to track their physical activity and for people who ache to monitor their heart rate, the watch also provides an app for your convenience, making it uncomplicated to track your activity and find results quickly. Plus Hr activity tracker: letscom provides released a new activity Tracker for their Plus Hr fitness tracker, this Tracker offers been designed to help people to track their physical activity and complete more tasks with their time. The Plus Hr fitness Tracker grants two monitor types including a face scan and a heart rate monitor, it also presents a number of features such as music playback, goal setting and more. The original Plus Hr Tracker is a Tracker for sleep and heart rate monitors, it extends a color scheme and is produced of durable materials. The Hr Tracker can be worn at all times like a watch, to track your sleep and heart rate levels, it provides a small size so it can be worn cuff up or down the arms, for a more comfortable experience. The Tracker extends a built in sleep timer which makes it uncomplicated to set times for different sleep stages, and a built in heart rate monitor to measure the heart rate of you are trying to sleep or work.